Ekoboard floor insulation

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Maximising Efficiency Minimising Cost

About EkoBOARD floor insulation

Due to the smooth skin and unrivalled set of properties, EkoBOARD is the choice of specifiers for a wide range of demanding insulation applications:

        low thermal conductivity minimising the board thickness needed to achieve a specific U-value, thus allowing the designer greater flexibility.

        high compressive strength in load-bearing applications, the closed cell structure gives the foam great rigidity, and makes it highly resistant to compression.

        low water absorption EkoBOARD has natural resistance to water vapour & water absorption which makes it an exceptionally stable material, which retains its initial insulation performance and physical integrity over the long term.

        workability EkoBOARD is easily worked with normal hand tools.

        Hygiene EkoBOARD has low susceptibility to rot, mould or fungal growth is therefore minimised. They are clean, odourless and free from irritating dust.

 EkoBOARD is manufactured under a BS EN ISO 9001:2001 Quality Assurance System (BSI Certificate Q05968).

 EkoBOARD complies with BS EN 13164: 2001 Thermal Insulation products for buildings.

 Meeting environmental standards.

Concern about ozone depletion in the stratosphere has led to international agreements to phase out the use of ozone-depleting chemicals.

 EkoBOARD is hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) free and complies with the requirements of EC Regulation No 2037/2000 (1 Oct 2000) on substances which deplete the ozone layer.

EkoBoard floor insulation is exclusively distributed by the Pedarson Group